About San Cristobal de Las Casas

A world of adventure, fun and relaxation await in San Cristobal de Las Casas, a great tourist spot located in the mountainous zone of Chiapas and encircled by the abundant natural surroundings of the southwest portion of the country.

Life in this city has remained suspended in the past and has a distinctive mystical quality. People from the bordering indigenous communities gather for market day to buy and sell food and handmade goods.

This city is considered to be the most original and beautiful in the state. It has a colonial feel that has been preserved over the centuries in its historical and artistic architecture. The Cathedral was built towards the second half of the 17th century with a beautiful baroque façade. Other structures of historical importance in San Cristobal include the Temple and Ex-convent of Santo Domingo which began construction in 1549, the San Francisco Temple and Convent, the Merced Temple and Convent, the San Cristobal Temple, and the San San Nicolás de Tolentino Temple.

San Cristobal incorporates the passage of centuries, the culture, the beautiful natural surroundings and the warm people into one amazing place nestled between green mountains.

Museums in San Cristobal de Las Casas:

  • 1. Museum of Jade in 16 de septiembre avenue, Historic Centre.
  • 2. Museum of Amber in Diego de Mazariegos s/n. Ex Convento de la Merced.
  • 3. Candies and Crafts Museum.
  • 4. Na Bolom Museum in Vicente Guerrero Avenue 33. El Cerrillo Neighborhood.
  • 5. Museum of History and Curiosities in Diego de la Merced, no. 47.
  • 6. Museum of Mayan Medicine in Diego de la Merced, no. 47.
  • 7. Cacao and Chocolate Museum.
  • 8. Coffee Museum.
  • 9. Museum of the Popular Cultures in Diego de Mazariegos 34.
  • 10. Museum de los Altos in 20 de noviembre s/n.